Penn N.

"Kurt provides a great variety in the different classes offered at PROFITNESS, whether you want to improve your speed, agility, flexibility cardio, or strength. I have welcomed his Martial Arts background as his  kickboxing classes are not only a great workout but have real world applications. During the group fitness classes you will find Kurt walking around helping individuals with technique and motivating them. Essentially you have a personal trainer in a group fitness environment!

The gym has a great community and everyone is supportive of one another. When I first joined I was having lower back and knee issues. Within minutes of the intro class Kurt observed my movements and pegged the problem right away, and I have had no such issues since. Very few trainers have an understanding of biomechanics and even fewer can diagnose the problem and help you recover from whatever issue is ailing you.

Kurt is very knowledgeable and a great resource for anything fitness related and he is always happy to answer questions. He practices what he preaches and is very dedicated to what he does. Whether you are looking to get in the best shape of your life or gain mobility back Kurt has you covered."

Taylor L.

"I am a high school athlete, and since working with Kurt for the past year my endurance and conditioning has improved SO much! He helped me become physically and mentally stronger. He knows how to push you to your limits which makes you want to push harder! He has an answer for all your questions and he's there and ready to help you in any way! In the end, every class and every penny is worth how amazing your results will be!" - Taylor L.

Jenna H.

"I was brand new to Kettlebells and Kurt has done a wonderful job training me. Kurt is the dynamic combination of smart, skilled, and dedicated I absolutely lovegoing to workout at his gym. He is such a wonderful teacher... always pushing and keeping me motivated! In my opinion, Kurt is the best at what he does. I can't recommend him highly enough!" - Jenna H.

Varghese A.

"I started training with Kurt after trying out different fitness classes offered at various gyms. Kurt's training is way above all those classes. He really takes time to understand each and every person he trains and he notes and records the progress each individual makes as a result of his training. I have not seen this individual attention at any other place!

About his classes, I have been training with Kurt for more than six months and I have never had two classes where we did the same workout. Kurt mixes up the workouts so that it doesn't get boring and at the same time producing results.  I am addicted to my workouts at PFT, especially since I can see results everyday!" - Varghese A.

Dana H.

"When I walked into Pro Fitness Training for the first time I was skeptical that anyone could make me want to work out, and even more skeptical that anyone could get me to enjoy it. My goal was to get through 3 months and go from there.

It only took about a week to get me hooked! Kurt's workouts are tough, but every day I'm there I feel better walking out the door than when I walked in. I have never meet anyone who can give me a the smallest correction and it completely changes the exercise.

I suffer from migraines, have old injuries, and in the past year managed to both be physically hit by a car and to give myself a concussion. I was told by my doctors not to work out and to begin physical therapy. When the physical therapy that I was doing did absolutely nothing I turned to Kurt, and after my first private lesson the pain was about 90% gone.

Through both private lessons and adjusting the class workouts for me I am feeling better than I have in years. Thanks Kurt!"

Lindie F.

"I'm 21 and have worked out since the age of 10. I have done a wide range of workouts from Insanity to P90x to the Firm, and was even employed at a gym for several years. None of those experiences compare to working out with Kurt.

Kurt's workouts are the most challenging, both physically and mentally, that I have ever experienced. He pushes you farther than you even know you can go and continually challenges you as no two workouts are the same. The combination has created by far the most satisfying workout experience I have ever encountered.

Not only is he a phenomenal trainer, but he has an immense knowledge base from nutrition to anatomical functions, making him the ultimate resource for getting in the best shape of your life. If those aspects weren't enough, Kurt is by far one of the best people I have had the pleasure of meeting. His genuine interest and desire to help others is tangible, a quality that cannot be learned. These are the reasons why Kurt is the only trainer I will ever recommend or train with!" - Lindie F.

Erin M.

"Not only does Kurt have an unbelievable amount of knowledge from a kettlebell/personal training perspective but his zeal for life creates such a positive/challenging atmosphere.Kurt is dedicated to his career and ALWAYS there with answers to questions or critiques on form. His workouts are never the same, challenging, and designed for everyone. It DOES NOT matter if you are: young or old; "in-shape" or "out-of-shape"; an athlete or a couch potato. His personality will force the excuses out of your head and his workouts will change your life - period!" - Erin M.

Darin A.

"After stumbling across Pro Fitness on the internet, I have been working out at the gym for 4 months now, and could not be happier with my experience thus far. Kurt is a natural - he makes you feel welcome, listens to your goals and objectives, motivates you to constantly push harder, and is truly committed to your success. He does a fantastic job keeping class fun and introducing new moves. I'm really not sure how this guy does it all! The classes are challenging, but there's nothing better than leaving class knowing that you dominated! Kurt really is the best in the business, and I would recommend Pro Fitness to anyone. Thank you Kurt for everything thus far, and I am definitely looking forward to many more accomplishments at Pro Fitness."

Greg M.

"In all of my education, both in and out of school, I've had only a few excellent teachers. Kurt is one of them.

I enjoy his positive energy and enthusiasm for what he is doing in class. His encouragement and smiles come readily when we're working out, so it's easier to push myself. Another thing I like about Kurt is that he uses his martial arts background when he designs certain exercises and workouts. This creativity makes for a challenging 45 minutes, but I know I'll only hurt myself and get flabby if I don't take advantage of what he's showing me!

If you're tired of the monotony of a treadmill, elliptical machine, or some lame weight machine, and of not getting the body you'd hoped for, you owe it to yourself to take classes with Kurt!" - Greg M.

Kari B.

"Kurt creates the class workouts based on the skills and abilities of those who attend. He knows every person's strengths and weaknesses and can immediately tell you which modification to take, if needed for an injury. He creates new workouts every day, adding different movements all the time. Every muscle group gets worked, including your heart.

During every class, Kurt watches to make sure each person is using the right technique. He will assess your movement and immediately make a correction if doing something the wrong way. However, he will also make sure you're pushing yourself just enough to get stronger and more fit. The atmosphere of the gym is inviting, encouraging and you see results!

The size of the gym is perfect so you can be held accountable and asked where you've been if it's been a little while but you're also with real people just like you.Kurt's program is simply the best.

Though always considered active, I've never stuck with a gym or class for more than 6 months before looking for that next thing. I've now been with Kurt for 3 years and at 40 years old, I'm the strongest I've ever been!"

Nicole D.

"Kurt delivers some of the best workouts around with a great mix of kettlebells, bodyweight, and boxing workouts. He's always smiling, always pushing you to work harder, and always changing things up so you'll never get bored. He really cares about seeing his clients improve and it shows!" - Nicole D.

Aric F.

"At 44 years old, I was obese, lacked flexibility, and had back issues. For over 20 years I'd been bouncing in and out of fitness centers, diet centers, and never stayed with anything over a few months. I was on the verge of giving up and accepting the lifestyle that I'd created. Then I met Kurt at Pro Fitness Training. 7 months later, I'm down 15 pounds12+ total inches, and feel great! Kurt's positive attitude, the variety of classes, and non-intimidating atmosphere keeps me showing up 4 times a week. He makes every one of us work our butts off and keeps his clients injury free. There isn't a better facility and trainer in the SW metro."

Katy H.

"Kurt has really inspired me to challenge myself. I have set personal goals for myself because I know Kurt can help me achieve them. I have always worked out, but Kurt's classes make it fun and I look forward to going each time! I finish every class feeling accomplished because his workouts are like nothing I have ever done before. He is a great teacher and motivator and I look forward to many more classes with him!" - Katy H.

Judy R.

"As a working mom juggling the needs of my family and career, there is not a lot of extra time for me. This coupled with the “motions” I was going through at my previous gym just wasn’t working for me... but that all changed 5 months ago when a friend told me about Pro Fitness! When I walked into Pro Fitness, I immediately felt like I was at the place where I had a chance to achieve my goals of becoming stronger and more fit.

Kurt’s dedication to each member (makes us all feel like we are important); his attention to detail (watching for correct form, helpful suggestions and noticing our gains) and his extensive knowledge (strength, fitness and nutrition) makes Pro Fitness simply the best. In 45 minutes you will get the most effective and efficient workout you have ever had.

So, whether you are young or mature, average American or super athlete, Pro Fitness and Kurt can help you achieve your goals!" - Judy R.

Ian A.

"I've been going to Kurt's classes for about four months. In that time I've seen a lot of positive impacts in my life, namely weight loss and increased movement. Before going to his gym, I was a little worried that I wouldn't fit in or wouldn't be able to handle his intense classes. Kurt does a tremendous job of scaling his classes to all fitness levels. The other members are very welcoming. If you show up to his class, he will make sure that you get a great workout.Kurt's understanding of both body and movement is greatly appreciated. If something is sore, he can either point out a stretch to improve that area or modify exercises to not aggravate the area. He focuses on training proper motion and I think this is a big factor for limiting injuries.Finally, Kurt leads his classes with a positive attitude. He does a great job of giving credit for both small and big accomplishments. This attitude is also seen in the other members. It is a great community of people that are very supporting!" - Ian A.

Sheila W.

"How do you get someone to change life-long bad habits and attitudes about working out and make fitness a fun part of their life? What if you add horribly stubborn and having no confidence about working out to the equation? You send them to Kurt!!! With the right mix of encouragement, praise and feisty daring to do more... working out with Kurt is now a regular part of my week. His expertise in proper form and safety is amazing. His workouts are challenging, interesting and - fine - I'll say it: fun. I feel awesome when I leave. He has created a comfortable, welcoming environment and there is an amazing camaraderie in the class - I am never intimidated to be there. I receive as much attention in a full class as I would if it were just the two of us.Early in the game, he sent me an email that said, "If you want changes, you'll have to make changes." I printed that email out and it has now become my mantra. I know you are reading this Kurt so: I'll see you at 5:45am tomorrow!" - Sheila W.

Shannon K.

"The thing that struck me when first meeting Kurt was how totally comfortable I was with him. Every move, every weight, every class was explained in a way that I could understand and with such enthusiasm for the results it would get me, there was no way I could NOT join this gym!

From the moment I walked into my first class to this morning when I walked through the door, there is a confidence and positive attitude that gets results. And the great part? Everyone that comes into this gym is the same. There's no intimidation, no cliques, everyone is there to sweat and work their butts off and to motivate you to do the same. I don't know where else you walk in the door, people greet you by name (maybe Cheers?) and everyone gives it their all for 45 minutes.

Kurt is always there with a positive word (and usually a heavier weight) and pushes you to give it everything you've got, and you know what? You do it, not only because you have to, but because when you reap the results (and you will), Kurt is the first person to give you a "hell yeah!" I can't think of enough good things to say about Kurt...come and see for yourself!" - Shannon K.

Brett A.

"For over two years I had chronic heel tendonitis that prohibited me from playing basketball and other athletic activities. I saw every specialist around, including orthopedics from Tria and even flew to LA to see a top ortho doctor. Nothing worked. I also tried several alternative options including acupuncture, chiropractors, massage with no results. I got to the point where I had to take Advil every day just to be active.

When I was referred to Kurt by my girlfriend it wasn't for helping me with my heel pain, rather it was to get me into shape as we had heard what a great trainer he was. The first time I met with Kurt I told him about the chronic pain in my heel. He watched the way I walked and moved and told me he could heal my injury and get me back to playing ball. I laughed inside because I had heard that before and didn't believe anyone anymore. Well, fast forward 6 months and today I am pain free and playing ball again at the level I used to before my injury. And haven't taken Advil for over two months!As far as the training classes go, simply put: they are the most efficient, full-body workouts I've ever done. My girlfriend and often talk about how dumb we used to workout before we started going to Kurt's classes. Kurt classes = iPhone. LifeTime Fitness = Flip Phone. Another thing to note: there is great vibe in Kurt's classes, very diverse types of people in class. Some are trying to get back into shape and/or recovering from an injury, some are in great shape trying to reach new fitness goals. That's the cool thing. It doesn't matter where you're at, you just show up and you will get the results you are seeking." - Brett A.

Jason P.

"Kurt is the best trainer I have ever worked with. He has an incredible ability to inspire and motivate his clients in both a one-on-one and a group setting. He continually pushes me to go beyond my self-imposed limits but never at the expense of my personal safety. 

As a doctor who works with my hands I remember telling Kurt that I don't mind hurting but I can't be hurt. I have made larger gains in my personal strength and fitness since working with Kurt than at any other time in my life. I look forward to being pushed and challenged for years to come!"

Chad H.

"Having worked out regularly for 10 years I assumed Kurt's kettlebell class would be a breeze - boy was I wrong! After a few weeks, I noticed significant improvements in my strength and endurance. Three months later, at the age of 27, I am in the best shape of my life! Kurt knows how to motivate you to push yourself beyond limits you didn't know were possible.

If you want to lose weight, gain strength/endurance, and improve your athletic capabilities I highly recommend training with Kurt at Pro Fitness. At least give the week trial a shot - you won't be let down!" - Chad H.

Brent K.

"You will not find a more knowledgeable and skilled trainer in the Twin Cities that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Kurt is a master with using Kettlebells and putting together different workout routines to effectively train all areas of your body. He is great and taking the time to make you feel welcome and ensure your technique is rock solid. You will love it here as well as your body transformation!" - Brent K.

I am 100% dedicated 
to your health and fitness goals!

That's why if you have any questions about the gym, what we do here, or if there's any way at all that I can be of service to you, I want you to contact me directly, right away!
Owner & Head Trainer at PFT